Do I need any inoculations?

There are no current requirements for a certificate of vaccination but the Department of Health recommends typhoid, polio, tetanus and hepatitis A. For the most up to date information please check the Foreign Office website or your General Practitioner. In general, standards of care, hygiene, safety, public services and efficiency may differ from those at home. You should accordingly exercise greater care for your own protection and health in matters of hygiene and choice of food and drink. In general, however, Cuba’s health facilities are good and some of the larger hotels have their own doctor on site. International clinics can be found in all the main resorts as well as Havana, Trinidad, Santiago and Cienfuegos. Remember to use plenty of mosquito repellent and keep covered in the evenings, especially at sunset. Many over the counter medicines are not commonly available (e.g. Imodium, TCP, Piriton, sanitary protection) and we recommend you take your own supply. Mains water is considered safe but bottled water is freely available should you prefer. Should you have to visit a doctor in Cuba, ensure you keep receipts for doctors’ fees or medicine paid for, as these will be required for any insurance claim on your return.