What currency do they use in Cuba?

There are currently two currencies in circulation in Cuba: the peso (CUP) and convertible peso (CUC). We do not recommend using the peso (CUP). The convertible peso is issued on a par with the US dollar, although they are of no use outside Cuba and must be changed before leaving the country. As from the 08th November 2004 the US dollar will no longer be accepted in Cuba for the payment of goods and services. We therefore strongly advise that cash and travellers' cheques should be in either sterling or euros. National Bank regulations apply to the import and export of foreign currency, and it is prohibited to import or export local Cuban currency. Please note also that exchange houses are not familiar with Scottish and Ulster banknotes and do not always accept them. Sterling travellers’ cheques are acceptable provided they are not issued by an American bank, but they can be difficult to change outside of Havana and the main resorts. As well as the major hotels they may be changed in exchange houses in Havana signposted CADECA (Casa de Cambio). Non-American issued credit cards are also acceptable; however, in these days of an increasing number of credit cards bearing individual names, it is very important to check that the card has not been issued by an American bank. Sometimes the name may sound British but the parent company will be American. Cash in Cuba can be drawn against Visa cards at the Banco Financiero Internacional, which has offices outside the TRYP Habana Libre hotel and other locations in Havana and Varadero. They are open from 8.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. PLEASE NOTE: HOTELS AND OTHER OUTLETS ARE CURRENTLY CHARGING 11% COMMISSION ON ALL DEBIT AND CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS.