What's the food and drink like?

There is some Creole content in Cuban food but a wide range of international dishes is also on offer. Many larger resorts offer comprehensive buffets including a full range of meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and desserts, which can be very sweet and include pastries, flans, caramel custard, etc. Outside the main resort areas, choices for vegetarians can be limited. Eating out can be done either in local restaurants or in private homes, called paladares. These enterprises, provide a good opportunity to meet Cubans in their home environment and provide a real taste of home cooking! Meals on average cost between 15CUC and 30CUC a head, however with the constant changes in Cuba more cosmopolitan and modern establishments are opening and prices do vary . The most famous drink in Cuba is of course rum, which is extremely cheap to buy and forms the basis of most of their cocktails! The locally produced beer is also very good and in the larger resorts there is usually a good selection of freshly squeezed juices, otherwise these tend to come in cartons. The local versions of Coke, Sprite etc. are available or you may also see ‘the real thing’ which has been imported from Mexico.